Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Follow-up to Oops!

So according to my doctor, I have a bone cyst in my wrist! This is the same wrist that had surgery a few years ago to repair a torn ligament - a surgery that involved filing down the now-cyst-y bone so that the tendon running along it would stop putting pressure on the ligament that tore. I have an appointment on Friday to see a specialist - a specialist who is actually the son of the guy who sewed my fingertip back on when it was cut off when I was 7, and the brother of one of the doctors who evaluated the initial torn ligament. Even though I'm in a different city and state than the father and brother's practices. THE WORLD IS VERY VERY SMALL, PEOPLE.

The pain is a lot more manageable this week, and I should be able to have Eve up on Friday as long as I'm gentle with myself. Yay!

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  1. I guess it runs in the family, huh? MAYBE THEY'RE ALL CLONES! (Eve reference)